The Beauty of Greece & the Greek Islands by Marie Therese Magnan, Part 2

Hydra scenery

Blue boats and ropes

Men and donkeys

Wooden chair

Boat, rope and reflections

Red wall and lamp

Rope and rust

Tied boat and reflections

Facade and bougainvillea

Cat with a blue collar

Monastery, Kalymnos

Facade with vine

Paved alley

Facade and pot of geranium

Harnessed donkey

Pink house

Peacock's feathers

Four-masted vessel

Tsambika beach

Cats on steps

Idyllic quiet beach

Beach and oleanders

Cats and fishing boat

Colorful houses

Blue dome

Tyres and boat

Geranium and steps

Boats and reflections

Facade and bike

Boat reflections

Houses and dome, Oia

Steps and sky

View at sundown

Lights and vessel

Islet and redtiled house

These beautiful images are by Marie Therese Magnan of Rome, Italy, © All Rights Reserved, used here with her permission. Grazie, Marie Therese! ~ Laura

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