Terminal: Around the World and Back in Time by Timothy Neesam

Blessed Trinity Church, Buffalo, Michigan

Upper level floor, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Toronto Island

Bathhouse, Hampi

Chandelier, abandoned Vanity Ballroom, Detroit

Ibrahim Rauza, Bijapur

Temple bells, Badami

R.C. Harris, Water Filtration plant

Car tire

Abandoned Palace Theater, Gary, Indiana

Abandoned sanitarium, hallway w/carpet

Who you callin' yellow?

Boulder and temple, Hampi


Chairs, abandoned school, Detroit

Crazy wallpaper and a gun, Gary, Indiana

Paro Teschu festival

Neighbourhood transportation, Kolkata

Ceiling, abandoned church, Detroit, wide-angle

Saigon cycle

Abandoned church, Detroit

Taking a break from selling flutes, Angkor Wat, Cambodia



Guanajuato, twilight



Behind the blue door

Under the Cleveland bridge (watch your step!)

Graffiti, Guanajuato, Mexico

Out of camera: Gehry stairs, Art Gallery of Ontario

Abandoned train station, panorama

Carving and worker's bag, Hampi, Karnataka

Guanajuato, twilight

Tagged and towed, two

Abandoned City Methodist Church, Gary, Indiana

These incredible photographs were taken by Timothy Neesam of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, © All Rights Reserved, used here with his permission. Many thanks, Tim! ~ Laura

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