Painted Pebbles and other Exquisite Artwork by Maria Mercedes Trujillo A.

Mandala of Mandala Painted Pebbles

colored painted pebbles

Painting Pebbles


Twelve Painted Pebbles

New mandala painted pebblesToday's Work

Tools for Pebble Painting and Drawingmy latest painted pebbles

colored mandalas on paper

Pebble Mandala

painted stonesPebble Mandala

Mandalas on Pebbles

Painting PebblesBottoms up!

Mandala Pebbles

more pebbles... Pebble DrawingPebble Painting

colored mandala on paper


Artist Maria Mercedes Trujillo A. of Colombia and New Zealand created these fabulous paintings on pebbles and other media. Her photographs are © All Rights Reserved, and used here with her permission. Thank you, Maria! ~ Laura

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