Dew Drops on a Web: The Stunning Photography of Nina Matthews

Love is in the air

~I like like these tones of Pinks~

Fill the frame

Day 61- This is Pretty in Pink

Day 67

Day 56 - Just stunning , this is an yellow native flower

Day 64 - this is just Perfect

Gumnuts everywhere

Day 49 -I love poppies

Day 66

Day 68

Number 18-365

Jazzzzy- These are the buds of a Jasmine flowers

Day 50 I got my poppy seeds from a friend and I love them

Day 57 - bold and beautiful

Quite honestly I can't help being passionate about photography. If that's my sin, I'm guilty. ~ Nina Matthews

web patterns

A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words. ~ Ansel Adams

A good photograph is knowing where to stand ~ Ansel Adams


By Joe I think I got it! Layers that is!

This caught my eye

P_R_E_T_T_Y * IN * P_I_N_K

These wonderful images are by Nina Matthews of Nina Matthews Photography in Sydney, Australia. Thank you, Nina. ~ Laura

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