Desert Breath: An Epic Natural Art Installation by Danae Stratou

Desert Breath aerial view

Desert Breath aerial view, closer

Desert Breath aerial view, closer 2

Desert Breath, water circle

Desert Breath, sand cones and mountains

Desert Breath, sand cones

Desert Breath, sand cones, close

A team led by artist Danae Stratou made this incredible art in the Sahara desert in El Gouna, Egypt, not far from the Red Sea. To view Desert Breath on Google Earth, go to coordinates: 27°22’54.59″N, 33°37’48.46″E or click here. To learn more about the making of this artwork, or to see Desert Breath in person, visit the artist’s website.

All images are © All Rights Reserved and used here with permission. Thank you, Danae! ~ Laura

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