Walking Among Wild Flowers: Incredible Photography by Ichiro Kishimi, Part 1



cosmic flowers in chaos

A welcome rain

Wild violet

Sign of early summer

Earthly stars or snowflakes

go and see Momo!

More spring colors

I can't wait for spring


tint your spring with pink

archaic smile

singing spring flowers

I need your power

spring colors

born to the purple

weeping ume


weeping ume

dyed red by you

winter flower

spring flower

A sign of spring

Tint earth with pale pink

in time of daffodils

Winter flower

Cleared up in the evening

too early sign of spring

Admiring the tinted autumn

Looking around


hydrangea in full bloom

Tint earth with pale pink

as time goes by

hidden entrance to the other world

rain reminded me of you

live in clover

je voudrais offrir un bouquet de hortensia

lovable wild flowers again

autumn star flower

bathed in the sun


miniature woods

These extraordinary images are by Ichiro Kishimi of Japan, © All Rights Reserved, and used here with permission. Many thanks, Ichiro! ~ Laura

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