Time Travels: Fabulous HDR Photography by Tim Clarke

Antique Loupe in HDR

Las Vegas Hotel View in HDR

Afternoon Sun Rays in HDR

Plastic Bucket in HDR

Rusted Dock Cleat in HDR

Pretty Birds on a Log

Arizona Desert Cactus in HDR

Antique Piano in HDR

The Moon Over Clouds in HDR

Antique Watch Macro in HDR

Afternoon Sun Rays 2 in HDR

Down the Bridge in HDR

RX8 Sunset Headlights in HDR

Antique Clock Closeup in HDR

Rose Closeup in HDR

Fun with the Moon in HDR

Afternoon Sun Rays 3 in HDR

Antique Music Box in HDR

Pretty Sunset Clouds 4 in HDR


Twilight Moon Clouds in HDR

Under Monorail Bridge in HDR

Power Station Sunset in HDR

Antique Player Piano in HDR

Antique Bottle Closeup in HDR

These inspiring images are by Tim Clarke, United States, © All Rights Reserved, used here with his permission.  Many thanks, Tim! ~ Laura

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