Children Rescued from The RMS Titanic, April 1912

Louis & Lola ?-- TITANIC survivors (LOC)

Louis & Lola ?--TITANIC survivors (LOC)

Louis & Lola ?-- from Titanic (LOC)

These photographs were taken before the ‘orphans’ of the Titanic were fully identified. The boys are French brothers Michel (age 4) and Edmond Navratil (age 2). To board the ship, their father assumed the name Louis Hoffman and used their nicknames, Lolo and Mamon. Their father died in the disaster of the RMS TITANIC, which struck an iceberg in April 1912 and sank, killing more than 1,500 people. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2008)

The boys were eventually reunited with their mother. “Since the children were toddlers and spoke no English, they could not identify themselves. French-speaking first-class passenger Margaret Hays cared for the boys at her home until their mother, Marcelle, could be located, which occurred as a result of newspaper articles including their pictures. Marcelle sailed to New York City, New York, and was reunited with her sons on May 16, 1912.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Credit: These photographs are from the George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress, United States.

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